The Blogger Behind the Blog

I’m the kind of girl who can’t go anywhere without a book. Even if I know I probably won’t get the chance to read, I still take one with me. You never know right? I love to read whenever I get the chance to or have some free time on my hands. Books are my life. As the tagline says under the blog’s title, “Live, Love & Breathe Books.” The tagline pretty much sums up my life. I own a ton of books, which I would say I never have enough of and need more, love the smell of books and get very protective and passionate about the books I read and love.

Aside from my deep love of books, I am 22 years old, working two jobs, writing on the side as a freelance creative writer (a.k.a romance ghostwriter) and starting my journey towards a masters degree in publishing. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literary Studies with a minor in Writing for Print and Digital Media (a.k.a Journalism).

When it comes to what I love to read, my favorite genre of books would definitely be romance. Historical, paranormal, military, erotic and generally anything that speaks to my hopeless romantic side, then I will likely read it. My love for books and romance is why I created this blog. “Head Stuck in a Book” is a romance book review blog. Later down the road, I hope to add more than just book reviews to the blog and talk all things books. I really do love books and reading them and hope you do too if you are visiting this blog.

Why I Created “Head Stuck in a Book”

My hope for “Head Stuck in a Book” is that I can provide you with new books to read and love because if you are a book lover, just like me, you are always looking for something new to read or the next series to completely fall in love with and want everyone else to know how great it is. If you aren’t an avid book lover, then I hope this blog can convert you over from the dark side (yes, I just referenced Star Wars). Hopefully, I can also provide a community for book lovers to talk all things books and provide book suggestions as well for others on here and me.

Take a look around the blog and see what you find.