‘Locke and Key’: a soldier hurt by a tenacious reporter collide with a fiery passion


Locke is a military man who lost a group of his men in Iraq years ago. To him, there is one person solely responsible for the tragic night 26 soldiers were killed.

Cassidy is the reporter Locke blames for the fateful night in Iraq. After that night, Cassidy lost her place has a high standing reporter and is working to make her way back to the top.

Several years later Locke and Cassidy collide when Locke is on a Titan rescue mission in Russia. The two butt heads, but soon discover there is an explosive chemistry between them. Locke and Cassidy soon find temselves working together and uncover Russian mobsters putting together a sex trafficking network.

Locke and Cassidy must work through their differences to help uncover the truth, save lives and find love.

Thoughts on the Book

                Ever since I started the Titan series, I have loved each new book Cristin Harber has released. “Locke and Key” is no exception.

Locke is a sexy sweetheart! The man knows how to make a girl swoon. I am one of those girls who loves when a guy comes up with nicknames, and Locke comes up with not one, not two, but several. I won’t reveal all of them, especially the one he sticks to for Cassidy (you’ll have to read the book to find that one out), but a few include Red, Flamethrower, Riding Hood and Strawberry Shortcake. See a theme here? Cassidy is a red head with a fiery personality and Locke roles with it.

When these two get together for a hot and steamy scene, Cristin Harber definitely went all out. The entire book was great, but the scenes where Locke and Cassidy got a little down and dirty were wow. Harber does a fantastic job of conveying the passion and chemistry between the two in the process. Take a look at the below snippets from “Locke and Key,” provided by Cristin Harber and her publicist Tara Gonzalez, to see what I mean.


Trust me, it gets better as you read. This is only a taste of what occurs between Locke and Cassidy when they are together.

Throughout the entire book, I was on the edge of my seat. My heart was constantly going crazy throughout the entire book, as well. Between the chemistry Locke and Cassidy have, the steamy sex scenes, and the stomach clenching fear induced from interactions with Russian mobsters, you won’t be able to get off the rollercoaster ride that is “Locke and Key.”

One thing within the book that I questioned was how fast Locke flips from hating Cassidy to lusting after her. It seemed all of a sudden to me. I get that he didn’t have all the facts before his “intel-therapy” on the night in Iraq where 26 of his men died, but I felt there could have been a smoother transition. Maybe it also felt this way to me because I had to pause in my reading a few times. I’ll have to read it again to see if that is the case, but for this first round, it felt like it needed a smoother transition from a hate relationship to a love relationship. However, I did like that they resolved their issues from that night and that there was a build up before they jumped into bed together. The build up aspect wasn’t rushed and seemed to flow just right.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you read “Locke and Key.” Honestly, I would recommend you read the whole series if you are looking for an amazing military romance series. You won’t regret it. No two stories are ever the same, and you just can’t help falling in love with each and every one of the sexy and strong men that make up Titan.

Check out my book cover reveal post for “Locke and Key” to see the official synopsis for the book and my release day post to read a full excerpt from “Locke and Key.” Also check out my review post on “Garrison’s Creed,” the second book in the Titan series, to see what other Titan books are like and to find links to free books to get you started on the series.



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