‘Garrison’s Creed’: a sexy sniper and fierce CIA agent reunite


Cash Garrison is a sniper working for Titan Group, a black ops organization. He fell in love with his best friend’s sister back in college, believing she died his senior year. However, one fateful mission destroys what he believes happened to the girl of his dreams and brings them back into each other’s lives.

Nicola, an undercover CIA agent, thought she would never see her family or the love of her life ever again, but things change when a Titan mission collides with the mission she has been working on for months.

Confused and unsure of how to proceed, Cash and Nicola try to sort out their feelings and the new situation of reunited lovers they find themselves in.

Cash and Nicola are put together to catch a mole in the CIA and deal with a mobster seeking revenge. Cash learns he must accept that Nicola works in the field as a CIA agent, which places her in precarious situations. At the same time, Nicola looks to show she can go toe-to-toe with the bad guys and doesn’t need a man to protect her.

“Garrison’s Creed” is a military romance rollercoaster filled with action, steamy love scenes and a long sought for happily-ever-after.

Thoughts on the book

                 Full disclosure: Cash is one of my top five book boyfriends. With his endearment of “sweet girl” for Nicola, Cash is a sweet gentleman who isn’t afraid to let his alpha male attitude show.

“Stop your sweet ass one second, and turn around, Nicola”

“I trust you to make the right move. But if something happens, I’m there, itchy trigger finger and all. You’re mine to protect and possess.” Processing his words….The seconds ticked by. “I’m yours?” “Was there some confusion about that?”

And boy is he not afraid to lay it all out for Nicola.

“Screw that. Here’s the truth. I lost you once… I like this. I like us. And I liked last night. A lot. You’re more than a fun fuck, and I don’t want to lose you again, so there you go sweet girl. Maybe I’m all lost in nostalgic malarkey, but not only do I want you in bed, I want you out of bed. Which, as you’ve been clued in to, isn’t my MO. So shit’s different with you.”

At the same time, Nicola is a warrior woman who can hold her own and can run with the big boys.

…slammed her against the wall. Her head lolled to the side, but rights. Her eyes locked on Cash’s. A fucking smile danced across her face, mouthing “hi.” She was insane. He loved a crazy woman

Cristin Harber, author of the Titan series novels, does an amazing job bringing the characters and the world they inhabit to life. The story doesn’t drag and you fall in love and sympathize with the characters completely wishing you could be a part of the Titan world, especially if it means you are surrounded by sexy warrior men.

FREE books to look at alongside “Garrison’s Creed”

                Who doesn’t love free books? Not only is there one free book, but two you can add to your Kindle or iBooks library.

“Sweet Girl” is the prequel to “Garrison’s Creed,” telling the story of how Cash and Nicola fell in love back in college. You get to see who Cash and Nicola were before they became the kickass Titan sniper and CIA agent and discover what tore the two apart for 10 years. I absolutely fell in love with Cash and Nicola through this book, which made me buy “Garrison’s Creed” immediately when I discovered their story continued. Then, it was up hill from there in buying every book in the Titan series. I cannot tell you how much I have loved this series from day one and continue to with each new book released.

The second free book is the first novel in the Titan Series, “Winter’s Heat.” Military psychologist Mia Kensington collides with Titan operative Colby Winters. Start from the beginning, and a free one at that, to discover what the Titan Series is all about. It only gets better and better after this one.

WARNING about one book in the Titan series

                I want to warn you about one of the books, “Savage Secrets,” if you do delve into the Titan series. “Savage Secrets” includes a detailed sexual assault scene. I did not see the warning on Amazon stating “book includes violent scenes” (which isn’t very clear as to what “violent scenes” fully entails) when I first bought and read the novel. I love the series and have reread the books several times, but I never reread this one because of how disturbing the sexual assault scene is. I love Rocco and Caterina’s story, but I can’t make myself reread it because of this one disturbing aspect.

Titan World

                Be a part of Titan world through Facebook. Cristin Harber has a personal Facebook page and a Team Titan page where you can connect with her and the amazing, fierce and strong readers who love the series. It’s an amazing group of people, which I am a part of, and Cristin Harber is great at interacting with all her readers


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