‘Lords of the Underworld’ series: You have to read them all


Overall synopsis of full series

After opening Pandora’s box, 13 immortal warriors are condemned to earth and cursed to carry a demon within themselves. Every day is a constant struggle to calm the demon inside and to stay in control.

The Lords are always actively searching for Pandora’s box and the artifacts that can aid them in finding it. Once they find the box, they can remove their demons and return them to the box. However, in the process of their search, they must contend with power-hungry gods, different powerful species, an old friend who irrevocably betrayed them in the past and a group of extremists who believe they are the epitome of evil and must be destroyed.

In the midst of all the turmoil, each Lord finds the woman he is destined to love forever and who can tame the demon within.

Each Lord is an experienced warrior, fiercely loyal towards one another, and would do anything to protect his fellow brothers and their women.

The order of books in the series

  • “The Darkest Night” – Maddox, keeper of violence
  • “The Darkest Kiss” – Lucien, keeper of death
  • “The Darkest Pleasure” – Reyes, keeper of pain
  • “The Darkest Whisper” – Sabin, keeper of doubt
  • “The Darkest Passion” – Aeron, keeper of wrath
  • “The Darkest Lie” – Gideon, keeper of lies
  • “The Darkest Secret” – Amun, keeper of secrets
  • “The Darkest Surrender” – Strider, keeper of defeat
  • “The Darkest Seduction” – Paris, keeper of seduction
  • “The Darkest Craving” – Kane, keeper of disaster
  • “The Darkest Touch” – Torin, keeper of disease
  • “The Darkest Torment” – Baden, former keeper of distrust
  • “The Darkest Promise” (releases June 23, 2017) – Cameo, keeper of misery

Top three favorite Lords

                I really do love all the Lords in this series; but, of course, I have my top favorites. The reason I love the three listed below is because they’re cocky and witty. They will make you laugh at their sly and sometimes crude humor. For each of my three favorites, I found one quote within their respective books that can give you a glimpse into their personalities and, I thought, summed up how they act throughout the series.

  • Ego check. He’d told himself he was going to stop patting himself on the back for all his wonderful qualities. After all, it wasn’t fair to the citizens of the world. They couldn’t help being inferior to him in every way.” – Strider, “The Darkest Surrender”
  • “Paris, the FedEx deliveryman of Pleasure and Fatality.” – Sienna (Paris’s woman), “The Darkest Seduction”
  • “’My greatest flaw is my total lack of flaws. Do you know what a burden it is, being perfect all the time?’” – Torin, “The Darkest Touch”

Thoughts on the series

I love each book and each Lord’s story. Some Lords are hilarious, while others are snarky or always act serious. All of them, though, find their match when they fall in love with women who can handle them and their demons, see them for who they are despite their demons and love them just as fiercely as the men love them. You can’t help falling in love with them all and getting involved with their stories.

All the Lords are kickass warriors, and their women have no problem being kickass partners. The women aren’t your average human beings either. How could they be? If you’re going to be in a relationship with a demon-possessed warrior, then you have to be just as fierce, powerful and/or unique.

Get started and check out the “Lords of the Underworld” series by Gena Showalter. If you enjoy mythology, sexy warriors, romance and the paranormal, then this is the series for you.


One thought on “‘Lords of the Underworld’ series: You have to read them all

  1. Great review! I haven’t read very many reviews for a whole series, so this was cool! I also write book reviews, but mainly for nonfiction books.

    I have learned the lessons that successful people had to learn the hard way from reading their books, which is something that I don’t think most people consider when they pick books.

    If you are interested in what the benefits are from reading nonfiction, please stop by my page. I post book reviews for inspiring nonfiction, and an occasional bit of advice.


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