‘Sugar Kisses’: Sass and cupcakes will win his heart forever



She is a sassy, aspiring baker living with her best friend’s brother after ditching her cheating boyfriend.

He is the womanizer who isn’t looking for a commitment with just one woman, let alone falling in love with one. However, the girl living just down the hall from him in his apartment changes everything.

Living together in close proximity quickly becomes difficult for Roxy and Cole to deny the attraction they have towards each other. But with a past like Cole’s, a relationship between the two isn’t going to be easy. It becomes increasingly difficult with past relationships rearing their ugly heads, disapproving family members and less-than-supportive friends.

“Sugar Kisses,” by Addison Moore, includes romance, cupcakes, crazy bimbos who can’t take a hint that the womanizer is now a one-woman man and an ex-boyfriend only looking for a sugar mama. On top of all that, when you combine baking in the kitchen with a little passion, it’s inevitable that baking ingredients will be tossed around in between passionate kisses. Maybe that’s why the author titled the book “Sugar Kisses”?

Personal thoughts

The book was actually an enjoyable read. It didn’t read like a cheesy fluff novel. I enjoyed the book so much that, once I have some free time, I plan to purchase the two books preceding it in the “3:AM Kisses” series.

Cole and Roxy will make you wistfully sigh at how sweet they are together. No matter what, if a book has a relationship that can make me feel warm and fuzzy inside due to the love the characters show each other, no matter how cheesy, then I am hooked.

After finishing the book, though, I’m still trying to figure out why no one was questioning how Cole’s flings from the past were getting into the apartment without a key. I mean seriously! Was no one else in the book freaked out or a little concerned as to how people kept getting in with no explanation? Either someone isn’t locking the door when they leave or these girls don’t understand the concept of breaking and entering.

As for Cole dealing with clingy girls from his past, I will say he could, and should, have handled them a little differently while trying to make things work with Roxy. I won’t give any spoilers. When you read it, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Give it a shot!  I think you’ll enjoy it if you’re like me and like a mushy romance novel mixed with sugary confections.



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